Now you can gain the competitive edge with drive train components that can handle the increased power, torque, and traction of today's high performance racing and street machines. G-Force and Long Shifters manufactures superior aftermarket automotive transmissions and shifters that are built to the highest standards for today's highly competitive racing environment. Described by many as being the smoothest shifting transmission setup they have ever driven, G-Force Transmissions and Long Shifters are the driveline components of choice for many Pro Stock cars as well as road race cars, off-road vehicles and high performance.

G-Force Transmissions are fabricated of the highest quality materials, including all ground gears for maximum strength and reliability. The majority of other parts are shot peened, adding an extra measure of durability and efficiency. Upon special request, we offer micro-polished gears for the ultimate in friction-free operation. Thick magnesium outer casings keep bearings mounted solidly and shafts aligned properly, providing high efficiency operation. Military-grade steels assure the purest gear materials available. G-Force uses all interchangeable gears that can be easily and quickly replaced. Each unit is hand-built by our factory trained technicians and carefully tested so it arrives ready for installation.

All G-Force transmissions and shifters are continually checked and rechecked during the entire production and assembly process to ensure the highest quality components. Testing and inspection is performed using the latest measuring systems; MagnaFlux and Rockwell hardness testing, and microscopes ensures the quality of all service work.

G-Force GF4A

The G-Force South GF4A is without question one of the strongest, most reliable 4-speed racing transmissions available for your circle track or road racing application. Exceeded only by G-Force South's own GSR in terms of strength and reliability, the GF4A is the ideal transmission for applications requiring a conventional style, externally shifted gear box. With its' dual bearing centre support and integrated midplate, the GF4A is a very compact and versatile transmission. The centre support plate not only holds the main shaft in place during excessive abuse, but also holds the counter shaft in position as well. This design virtually eliminates shaft separation even under the most severe circumstances. The integrated midplate design offers superior rear bearing support and further eliminates the possibility of costly leaks. This design has been proven to be very effective in the G-Force South GSR transmission and has now been incorporated into the GF4A as well.

The GF4A uses a standard-of-the-industry 32 spline output shaft and can be had with nearly any input shaft desired. ARP hardware is used exclusively throughout. The transmission can be built with virtually any ratio combination required and because all gears are directly interchangeable, ratio changes are seemingly effortless.

Both the main case and tailhousing are cast of high-quality magnesium and both are strategically reinforced for added strength. All cases and tail housings are coated for surface protection and ease of cleaning. All internal parts are REM micropolished in order to increase fatigue strength and reduce friction. Any standard H-Pattern shifter can be used with the GF4A, but Long Shifters are highly recommended to extract the maximum performance from these transmissions.

To add to the versatility of the GF4A, an internal oil pump can be fitted directly to the transmission case which eliminates the need to have a stand-alone oil pump to circulate oil through the transmission and cooler. This pump is gear driven via the counter shaft drive gear which improves efficiency and greatly reduces the likelihood of pump failure due to broken drive belts.

As with the GSR, every GF4A is run on a dynamometer to ensure it passes all required tests. Only after a successful dynamometer session is the transmission ready to ship.

G-Force G101A

The G101A is the latest generation of our 4 speed drag racing transmission. The new G101A can be built as either a clutchless or clutch assisted unit. The biggest difference from the previous generation G101is that the new G101A has a centre bearing support that helps keeps the shafts from spreading G101A under high loads. This greatly increases horsepower capability and also prolongs the life of the sliders and faceplates. The G101 will take approximately 1000 HP, depending on the application.

Also, when built as a clutchless transmission, the G101A DOES NOT USE springs between the sliders, which had a tendency to come off in the previous design G101 due to the larger ratio drops in a 4 speed transmission as compared to a 5 speed. The G101A is a great alternative to a 5 speed when looking at cost savings in either a drag race transmission or road racing transmission. The G101A has also been proven to be a very effective drift transmission where centre-shift transmissions are not necessary. Also, this transmission has been approved for various spec-type classes worldwide.

G-Force GSR

The G-Force GSR is absolutely the end of the line in terms of absolute strength and performance from a 4 speed racing transmission. With its single rail and internally shifted design no other transmission offers the GSR’s uniqueness and versatility. Like the GF4A, the GSR offers both a dual bearing centre support and an integrated midplate. Similarly, the GSR offers an internal oil pump of its own that is very similar to the GF4A’s, but unique to the GSR nonetheless. However, an additional feature found on the GSR is its internal shifting mechanism. The GSR incorporates the shifting mechanism directly into the top plate of the transmission. This allows the shifter to be placed directly in the centre of the transmission. This innovative feature is crucial when moving the driving position more towards the centre of the car.

The internal shifting mechanism found in the GSR has been proven to greatly increase the driver’s ability to accurately and precisely find the correct gear when shifting. The unique internal shifting design of the GSR combined with its revolutionary Long shifter allows the driver to make lightning quick shifts without worrying about accidentally getting the transmission “hung” between two gears. This improves the driver’s focus and ultimately his or her overall performance.

Like the GF4A, the GSR has a traditional 32 spline output and can be had with virtually any input shaft to fit almost any application. Both the case and tailhousing are cast of high-quality magnesium for the ultimate in weight savings and both feature internal and external cast reinforcements. All cases and tailhousings are coated for surface protection and ease of cleaning. Gear ratios are interchangeable and the ease of maintenance on a GSR is second to none. All G-Force GSR transmissions come with a Long Shifter of proprietary design. These Long Shifters are the only suitable shifter for the GSR transmission.

Long Shifters

Long Shifters are made of durable, heat-treated steel and machined using state-of-the-art CNC machining and laser technology. All shifters are black-oxided to add a professional appearance and to protect against rust. Each unit is hand-built by our factory-trained technicians and thoroughly tested so it arrives ready for installation.

All G-Force South transmissions come standard with an industry-leading HT-4000 Long shifter. Long shifters have proven to be the most reliable, longest lasting shifters ever built. Continually refined for over 30 years and built by shifter specialists, they have become the most requested shifter in their respective industry. While the GSR can only be used with a Long shifter due to the transmission's internal shift design, the GF4A can be custom built with a Hurst shifter or G-Force South's own "Mega" shifter. This Mega shifter is similar in concept and "feel" to a Hurst shifter, but offers superior quality and durability due to more advanced design concepts, material enhancements, and manufacturing tolerances.

This new innovative design makes this shifter lighter, more compact, provides more positive shifting, better durability and with fewer moving parts it's easier to service.

Single Rail Shifter technology available only from G-Force South

  • 70 lbs. lighter
  • inches shorter
  • Upper & Lower housings are machined together, dowel pinned and serial numbered
  • One piece lower pivot shaft eliminates pointed bolts and safety wire
  • Wiper Seal on pivot shaft
  • Lower pivot shaft also machined with detents for solid engagement feel
  • Plunger can be adjusted with different spring pressure
  • Larger Stop Bolts
  • Mono Ball Design instead of tube and side shims which needs less lubrication, add this to the Race Proven GSR transmission for top quality shifting and long lasting reliability.

Long HB-1000R

4 Speed H-Pattern Shifter Best suited to road race and oval track applications

Long HT-4000

4 Speed H-Pattern Shifter Best suited to road race and oval track applications